Complete History of Cricket

With an ethnicity in most of the sports, cricket has established a wide record. Over 300 years ago it was first played by English men, and now it has being played world wide across the globe. Earlier cricket was described as “a club striking a ball like the ancient games of club-ball, stool-ball, trap-ball, stob-ball”. Adult’s participation was only after 17th century. In 18th century it became popular across the globe and it faced its first real crisis this was due to disinvestment and shortage of players. Cricket is a team of “bat -ball” and was firstly documented in southern England. By the end of 19th century it became a national sport of England. It can be said with a fair grade that its beginning was in 1550 in south east England in the region known as weald. The foremost match was played on the grounds of St George’s Club in New York. The first international cricket match was played between USA and CANADA in 1844. It remains the most important world sports in terms of participants, viewers and media interest.



A number of possible sources are thought to consider for the term “cricket”. Which would mean either a bat or wicket? Krick means a stick, in Flemish and, cricc or cryce means a crutch or staff in old English. The word criquet meant a kind of club which perhaps gave its name to croquet. Earlier it was believed that the word cricket and croquet had a common origin. The first alternative of the name cricket appeared in 1598 with a game played at English school named as krekett with reference to a court case.